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Nardil - What does Dr Ken Gillman really think about Nardil?

Due to popular demand I have produced a long awaited podcast to discuss Nardil.

Find out Dr Ken Gillman's thoughts on Nardil including benefits of using this MAOI.

Introduction to TCAs

Dr Ken Gillman uncovers the truth behind TCAs.

Maois - How you can help!

Help spread the word of MAOIs Join MAOI advisory consultancy group: MAOI open letter: Dear Dr letter: MAOI food interactions long letter: Support: A petition to end the shortage of Nardil created by a Nardil patient:

Depression - What is it?

This video provides a clear explaination of what depressive illness is and the core changes exhibited by those who experience depression.

Guide to adjusting tranylcypromine

A guide to adjusting tranylcypromine.

Guide to tyramine for doctors

A guide for Doctors regarding levels of tyramine in food.

For more information please refer to the guide on Psychotropical Website:

Serotonin Toxicity

An explanation about serotonin toxicity for professionals. For more information visit

MAOI Diet Tyramine Guide

This is a diet guide about tyramine whilst taking MAOI. Go to for more information

Introduction to patients taking MAOI

This is an introductory explanation for patients who are considering taking MAOIs

Go to for more info.

PsychoTropical Research Introduction

Introduction to PTR a not-for-profit website regarding effective use of MAOIs to treat depression.

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